Sculpture Commissions

The Blevins Sculpture Studio creates public, private, and corporate commissions in three broad areas: portrait busts, full-body figures, and specialized works. Portraits and figures can be life-size, smaller than life-size, or larger than life-size, and can be made of terra cotta, bronze, or other materials. Please contact us to discuss materials other than terra cotta and bronze and to discuss any specialized work that you have in mind.

Steps Involved in a Portrait Commission

A portrait commission involves several steps:

  1. The size, material, base, subject, schedule, and price are agreed upon.
  2. The live subject then makes themselves available for a first sitting of approximately two hours. There is no need to remain absolutely motionless for the sitting, and breaks can be taken. During this sitting, the sculptor molds the clay rapidly in the rough to capture size, shape, mood, and gesture. Photos and measurements are also be taken for later precise modelling.
  3. With help from the photos and measurements, the portrait will be completed to approximately 90% of its finished form.
  4. A final sitting of approximately one hour is required to finalize the portrait.
  5. Delivery of a fired clay portrait will take approximately six weeks from acceptance of the finalized piece. If the portrait will be cast in bronze, agreement will be made for final delivery, because we ourselves are dependent on the schedules of bronze casting foundries, whose lead times are typically 1 to 3 months.

Portrait Commissions of Deceased Persons

Art has also sculpted many portraits of deceased individuals (e.g., 1½ Life Size Bronze Portraits for the Bristol Public Library and the British Virgin Islands Legislative Council Members), and he has sculpted many individuals who cannot sit for a portrait. These have been done with photographs and communicating very closely with the people commissioning the sculpture, who are often, but not always, relatives. Another option is for Art to travel to your location to sculpt the initial work.

Letters of Recommendation

Below are letters of recommendation from various clients regarding their experience working with the Blevins Sculpture Studio on their commissions:

BVI_ReferenceLetter_thumb MaryLou_RefLetter_thumb LetterRec_BristolPubLib_thumb


Commission Costs

Adult life-size bronze portrait bust From $8,000
Child life-size bronze portrait bust From $6,000
1½ life-size bronze portrait bust From $20,000
6-foot bronze figure $60,000 to $90,000

Please contact us for further information on the commission process.