Portrait Memorials for the Government of the British Virgin Islands

Sculpture by Art Blevins. In December 2000 Art completed a commission of five life-size bronze portrait busts for the Government of the British Virgin Islands. The deceased individuals sculpted were the first elected Legislative Council members of the British Virgin Islands Government. The portraits were a focal point of the 50th Anniversary celebration of the restoration of the Legislative Council of the British Virgin Islands. Four of the sculptures were installed along the front of the Legislative Council Building in the capital city of Road Town on the island of Tortola, and the fifth sculpture was installed on the island of Anegada.

Old Legislative Council Building & Portatit busts - Road Town, Tortola, BVI
Photo by Robert English, USA

The four portrait busts installed along the front of the old Legislative Council Building (now used as the Supreme Court) in Road Town. The portraits are of John Brudenell-Bruce, Carlton de Castro, Isaac G. Fonseca, and H.R. Penn. These men were the first four elected members of the Legislative Council that was reinstituted in 1950 under a new constitution.

Close-up of portatit busts in front of Old Legislative Council Building - Road Town, Tortola, BVI
Photo by Robert English, USA

Close-up of the portrait busts. When photos of the four busts were originally taken in 2000, the film roll was accidentally double-exposed and the photos were lost. We have periodically searched the Internet for a photo, but have found none suitable until now, almost nine years later. On the Internet we discovered an excellent photo of the building and portrait busts, taken by Robert English, an American who was vacationing in the Caribbean in December 2007. Robert has graciously allowed us to use his photo, and we extend our thanks. Robert's Flickr page contains many excellent photos from his world travels.

Portrait bust on Anegada, British Virgin Islands
Standing behind the portrait bust of Theodolph H. Faulkner are, left to right, sculptor Art Blevins; The Honourable Chief Minister, Ralph T. O'Neal; and His Excellency the Governor, Mr. Frank J. Savage. The portrait is installed in front of Mr. Faulkner's birthplace and home, which is now a designated historic landmark, on the Island of Anegada, British Virgin Islands.

Map of the British Virgin Islands showing locations of memorials
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