Granbury Volunteer Firefighter Memorial

Fire's Out - closeup

Sculpture by Art & Ginny Blevins. In March 2007 the Blevins Studio completed the commission for a 6-foot-tall bronze firefighter, named Fire's Out, that is the centerpiece of the Granbury Volunteer Firefighter Memorial, located in Granbury, Texas. The memorial commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Granbury Volunteer Fire Department, which has been continuously operating from the same charter for the last 100 years.

The bronze figure is set on a 4-ft-tall granite pedestal that has the names of every member of the Department for the last 100 years engraved into the stone. A new park was designed and constructed for the memorial, located between Travis and Houston streets along Granbury’s Hike & Bike Trail. As a project fundraiser, the Department is selling dedicatory bricks for $50 each, available to anyone who wants to dedicate a brick to a firefighter. Contact Blevins Studio for further information.


Fire's Out in the final installation, with sculptors Art and Ginny Blevins (click to enlarge)


Client's letter of recommendation regarding this commission (click to enlarge)