Mary Lou Watkins Memorial

Sculpture by Art Blevins. This commissioned bronze sculpture honors the late Mary Lou Watkins, who helped revitalize the town square of Granbury, Texas, USA. Because of her efforts, The Granbury Courthouse Square became the first complete town square in Texas to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The sculpture depicts Mary Lou in her prairie-style dress, ringing the familiar dinner bell to call the community to lunch, like she did for so many years from the front porch of the Nutt House Dining Room. The bronze sculpture is six feet tall and was installed on 2 February 2002, on the northeast corner of the Granbury town square.

Art Blevins with sculpture of Mary Lou Watkins

Art with the finished bronze sculpture of Mary Lou on the square, with the courthouse in the background, downtown Granbury, Texas, USA.

Mary Lou Watkins

Mary Lou Watkins in front of the Nutt House on the square in downtown Granbury, Texas, USA. In the window you can see the reflection of the courthouse, which sits in the center of the square.


Client's letter of recommendation regarding this commission (click to enlarge)