Memorials & Monuments

Many large bronze memorials and monuments are abstract, but many figurative memorials and monuments represent a specific person, most often a person who is deceased. A surprisingly frequent request for bronze memorials is for the ashes of the deceased to be contained within the sculpture itself. The Blevins Sculpture Studio has created a number of these bronzes for clients, and no one need know the ashes are within the sculpture unless the client desires it to be known. Examples of the types and sizes of sculpture for which it is possible to have the ashes of the deceased contained within the bronze are:

As an additional service, the Blevins Sculpture Studio can also provide a photographic and/or video record of the placement of the ashes within a bronze sculpture. An example of this is shown in the three photos below. Click on any of the photos for a larger photo.

Placing the ashes inside the metal ash box
Welding shut the ash box
Ash box securely welded within the bronze sculpture

Please contact us with any questions you may have about these or any other types of memorials and monuments.